Your Olive Oil Mayo Isn’t What It Seems

Another day of sly marketing tactics:

How many people buy the olive oil mayo because they know that olive oil is a better choice?

But how many people actually flip that jar over and read the ingredients on the backside?

It’s not just made with olive oil. There is canola AND soybean oil in it too. And water! Why does mayo need water?

And how about those couple of ingredients that require the asterisk to denote “ingredient not normally found in mayonnaise”? What in the world? If it’s not normally found in it, then why the heck is it in it?

Unfortunately people are so used to eating non-food ingredients in their processed foods that things like this don’t even faze them. I know, I used to be the same way. But once you become aware, you can no longer ignore it. Ignorance is definitely not bliss!

By the way- my homemade mayo has 5 ingredients. Egg yolks, salt, brown mustard, avocado oil, and vinegar. And it takes 2 minutes to make!

What would you rather eat?

Olive oil mayo shows canola and soybean oil ingredients
Always read the labels