My Candida Battle

I’ve been feeling “off” for a while now. Nothing too serious all at once but lots of sporadic symptoms for the last few months. 

I believe it started with low energy levels and some general lethargy that I chalked up to thyroid dysfunction. I assumed the stress I was under was affecting the function of it. Then the nausea would hit sometimes after eating. I figured I needed to get back on my supplements to help with fat digestion, and while that helped a little, I was still having too many moments of extreme nausea. Eating my first meal too soon after I woke up tended to be the worst. 

I was experiencing moments of light-headedness and feeling spacey (almost drunk at times), which would cause me to panic a little bit as that’s what my migraines feel like sometimes. I’m having acne flare-ups, splotchy skin, and feel very puffy at times as I seem to be retaining more water than usual. The nightly bloating, gas, and indigestion is back too and that’s been super fun! Because these symptoms have been off and on and not happening all at the same time, it was too easy for me to assume that it was my fault. I’ve been too lenient with the carbs, I haven’t been consistent enough with my workouts…you know, putting all the blame on myself for how I physically feel. 

My a-ha moment came in the form of a yeast infection that won’t go away, in spite of a prescription cream with steroid. It won’t go away because it needs to be treated from the inside out. The physical infection is merely a symptom of a bigger issue, not the issue itself. Clearing up the outside with a topical cream doesn’t fix the internal issue. 

My mantra since starting this new lifestyle has been to find the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. But that’s exactly what I got sucked into doing for myself. It took me months to connect the dots between my random symptoms and the fact that I very likely have Candida Overgrowth. And it can all be traced back to the antibiotics I took for strep throat in February. In spite of me taking extra probiotics along with it, the antibiotics still killed off enough of my good gut bacteria to allow the Candida to proliferate and take over. 

I’m frustrated with myself for taking so long to figure this out, but I’m also excited to finally have an answer and a clear path to fight it. I’ve been reading a book on Candida that details each step I need to take to conquer it. 

Step 1: Detox week

Step 2: Anti-Candida Diet

Step 3: Anti-fungal supplements to kill the yeast

Step 4: Add in probiotics 

Step 5: Reintroduce starchy veggies and fruits

I will detail my journey as I go. Next week I will be starting my detox week. I’ve already made some changes to give myself a head start. I’ve eliminated all fruits, starchy carbs, my occasional dark chocolate (gah), and alcohol (gasp). These are all things that feed the yeast so I’m starting there until I have a chance to dive head first into Phase 1. I’m looking forward to feeling better soon!