Coffee…with a side of canola oil?

Coffee Mate Sugar Free Vanilla Creamer
Vanilla flavored canola oil. YUM!

Butter in coffee! How does that image make you feel? First time I heard of it, I balked at the idea. Sounds terrible right? How brave is the first person who decides to put butter in their coffee? If it doesn’t work out, you’ve just wasted a delicious cup of joe!

But you know what sounds even worse than butter in coffee? Vegetable/canola oil in coffee! And yet, people put this stuff in their coffee every single day. I used to as well. I couldn’t drink coffee without it. But I had no clue I was putting those crappy inflammatory oils in my coffee. Why not? Because I wasn’t reading my food labels, nor did I have any clue as to what I was looking for. 

Coffee-Mate and International Delight coffee creamers. These things have no right calling themselves creamers. There is absolutely no cream to be found in them. Not even milk. The first ingredient is water, followed by corn syrup, and then your bad oils. They can’t even tell you exactly which ones. Could be soybean, canola, or cottonseed. Maybe even all three. Go mix that up in your kitchen right now and tell me if you’d like to put that in your coffee. 

Oh but wait they add other stuff to make it drinkable and taste good. Like three more kinds of sugar, except they don’t call it sugar because they want you to buy it. Instead they list it as maltodextrin, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium because if you don’t know those are other names for sugar, you’re more likely to buy it.  For this one specifically in the picture, they label it sugar-free. They can call it sugar-free because white sugar isn’t one of the ingredients, yet there are FOUR different kinds of sweeteners in it. Now just to be clear, I am talking about the vanilla flavored one.

How about the plain, original cream?  It’s only sweetened with one sweetener in the form of corn syrup solids. I don’t know about you, but the only solids that should be associated with my coffee is the morning bowel movement that it encourages! What makes up the rest of it? Mono and dyglycerides: More shit oils that have had glycerol molecules chemically joined to the fatty acids. We also call these trans fats. Natural and artificial flavor: There’s over a thousand unregulated ingredients that term could encompass. Sodium caseinate (a milk derivative). Sounds yummy! Carrageenan: binder, thickening agent, or stabilizer. Because nobody wants their oil-based creamer to look like oil. 

Awareness is the key! Stop reading only the nutritional breakdown. Stop focusing on whether or not if fits your macros. Stop believing the ridiculous claims they make on the front of the package. Sugar-free, fat-free (which means it’s loaded with sugar to make it taste good), heart-healthy, cholesterol free, anything approved by the American Heart Association (also known as funded by the canola industry). Turn that package over and read the INGREDIENTS. All of them! If there are ingredients that you don’t recognize, put it back. Or better yet, google them and understand why you shouldn’t be consuming them. If you can’t make it at home with ingredients everyone has in their kitchen, maybe you shouldn’t be buying it. 

Use real cream in your coffee. The full fat kind. Or butter. The grass-fed kind. Your body will thank you!